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1. Ready and willing to stay at least 6 to 12 weeks
     (to 6 months or more)
2.  Loves animals.
3.  Capable of kitchen and housework, mainly cleaning,
     but also possibly food prep and serving.  For those staying long enough,
    we would love them to be involved in breakfast preparation and service.
4.  Capable of doing gardening and working with plants. We currently have
     a number of beds of organic vegetables which are in development and we
     will be working to develop an area of fruit trees which we have started.
5.  Capable of helping with construction projects.  This could include traditional
    techniques, but also use of bamboo, rammed earth, etc. 
6.  Can lead hikes
7.  Has a valid driver's license and good driving record
6.  Flexible, quiet, non-smoking, enthusiastic, reliable, presentably groomed.
    Can interface with guests.  We prefer people who have a specific interest
    in this environment, whether it be farming, horses, bed and breakfast, cooking
    etc.  We prefer that you be "engaged" in the situation.
7.  Financially independent, room and board provided, of course, but
    must have your own money for incidentals, luxuries, transportation, etc.
   (although there may be earnings available.  See below.)
8.  Has references.
9.  Any other skills that you can bring such as yoga, massage, etc. Are highly
     welcomed and can provide you with extra income.
10. Can put in a minimum of around 4 hrs./day pp for room and board.


1.  Room  - 
      A  living space is available, with
      a shared  kitchen, living room and bath.  Permanent candidates
      have priority for this space.
      Tents are also used for helpers, depending on number of volunteers
      on the farm at one time.
2.  Board - Vegetarian, vegan or raw food, groceries and prepared meals
      will be available.  There may be limitations on certain luxury items
      and with raw food. 
3.  For extra work that we may request, monetary reimbursements
     may be arranged. 
4.  Possible side jobs and tips.
5.  For volunteers, this is parttime work - about 4 hours/day per person,
      starting at about 8 am, with basic gardening making up
      about 2-3 hours total.  The remaining hours may be additional animal
      and gardening work, construction or guest-related activities,
      kitchenwork, cleaning, serving, or food prep.  Other chores may be
      errands, shopping  or whatever is required.  The times are varied.
      Couples often will be working separately.
6. There will also be free days.  Responsible drivers will have use of a vehicle.
     The beach house is often available for helpers to use.67.  For those looking for a
     longer-term and more serious arrangement,
      we are happy to discuss possible incentives.  One possibility is cash-crop
7.  Regarding earning extra money, farming as above is an option.  There are also
     outlets for selling craft items.  Other skills, such as massage, yoga, etc. may
     bring income and we will help by promoting this on the website.  Work beyond 
     four-hour minimum will be compensated, but only if we request extra help
     and have the means of compensation.
Please send us your inquiries and tell us about yourself!
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We are also taking inquiries from couples and singles who are available for a long-term (one year or more) position.  This would include a trial period of 2-4 weeks.
Requirements for Long-term/Permanent Candidates:
* couple of any gender or single person
*Hard Workers - Do you have callouses?  This is not a desk job!
*Willing - to do both "menial" and "creative" tasks.
*Massage and Yoga a major plus
*Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking Skills
also helpful
*Also note, this is not a "laidback" environment, we keep extremely busy and engaged in developing our business.
*Must have good references and experience.
*Be groomed and presentable!
*Additional incentives available
*This is likely to be full-time work for most of the winter season
Do Not Call - Email Only
Minimum Stay of 8 or more weeks
Summer Help May be Needed

Gardening, Kitchen,
Housekeeping, etc.  Must drive.

Guidelines for Writing:

Tell us when you are available
And for how long
List relevant experience and skills
Send email references.
Send a photo
Do Not:
use the terms "passion" or "good fit"
If being at the beach is crucial for you, you are less likely to be an acceptable candidate.
We also rarely take anyone on
a short school break

Work Exchange
Updated March, 2015