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A Neighborhood Waterway
Waterfall at Maravilla
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nearby river 2 (450 x 600)
nearby river (600 x 450)
Nearby waterway (600 x 450)
Playing in the streams and falls
waterfall with pool
rock climbing (600 x 450)
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Hiking and Swimming in the Waterfalls
Maravilla has several waterfalls, ranging from 5 feet to about 35 feet, some with spa sized pools.    A famous island waterfall ("Salto Curet") with two or more cascades of about fifty feet each, and large swimming areas is a short drive away.  Another picturesque waterfall "Gozalandia" (featured in the film "the Perfect Getaway") is in a local town.
For a wonderful ecoadventure, the waterway areas are extremely lush and the environment hosts exotic  plants and flowers, hummingbirds and herons, and wonderful stones of all types, including the occasional discovery of apparent artifacts from the Taino Indian era.
Our Valley and Nearby Waterways
Gozalandia, San Sebastian
About a half hour from Maravilla
Salto Curet, Maricao
About a half hour from Maravilla