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"We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to the sights and sounds of Maravilla. 
Here in these beautiful mountains, our goal is to creat a peaceful haven of natural wonders and creative possibilities.

To that end, we take a great interest in our environment, which includes all the wonderful plants we find here in the mountains, and those we are continuously bringing home.  We will be thrilled to show you around our gardens and share our enthusiastic (though limited!) knowledge of our wonderful flowers and plants.  We currently have a beautiful organic vegetable garden, which you are welcome to tour.

Most of our property is a natural and untouched , making it a great haven for birds.
Many species can be seen and heard on a walk under the jungle canopy.  Among them are hawks, hummingbirds, finches, owls and cuckoos.  Birdwatching groups staying at the Cabin have arrived at breakfast with a list of a dozen birds seen and/or heard right in the cabin area.

We delight in all kinds of local wildlife.  There are crabs and crayfish in our rivers. You may enjoy watching the antics of the small lizards of various descriptions.  Puerto Rico is also home to some types of parrots, monkeys and iguanas.  Of course, most famous is our tiny singing frog ,
the coqui.

On a more domestic note, our dog - Ponyboy  makes a wonderful companion
when walking the trails.  Miss Ponyboy is said to be working on her own webpage, due to the clamoring of her many fans!

As far as our agenda here, an interest in the arts is important to us.  Our intention is to set up various studios at Maravilla, which will include ceramics, welding and painting.  And we plan to have a special music venue for live music.  In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy the cre
ative touches and designs we have employed in our buildings and decor.   Many unusual pieces of art and furniture are displayed and used in our houses.  These are mostly of our own making, and some of them may be available to be purchased or ordered.

Our goal as hosts is to provide both personal attention and at the same time,  privacy for you and all of our guests. You will find that there are many ways to enjoy your time here in Puerto Rico and at Maravilla and we hope to assist you to find the best choices for you...

Regarding our menus -with decades of experience in vegetarian cooking and catering, we know you will find our selections unique and totally scrumptious!  Most of our menus are vegan, but are also can be modified to vegetarian and include raw food options.  We welcome all "foodies"!!

More plans for Maravilla include special yoga spaces and a pool!   But, as they say here - "poco a poco"  (little by little)!  Until then, we find that the camping areas and the Cabin rooftop are very conducive to yoga and meditation.  Also, rivers and waterfalls provide many opportunities for splashing and dipping, including some lovely natural "spas"!

We sincerely look forward to sharing our place with you.  Please write to us at the email address provided on the Contact Us link below and we will be happy to reply to your questions and concerns and to schedule you for a visit...

We hope to see you soon!"

Margo Miller                    Mark Marks          

Water Features
             Margo Miller

A native of New England, she lived for many years in Boston, where she began her catering and cooking career.  Now essentially vegan, Margo has been vegetarian for about 40 years. During this time, she has been developing and experimenting with her cooking skills, which are entirely self-taught.  Other interests and skills include visual arts (pastels, sculpture and drawing and design), music (notably jazz vocals and piano), and writing poetry.
Originally in Puerto Rico in the early 90's when she first acquired the Maravilla property, she then moved to Mexico and again to the States, returning in about 04 to start up the B&B.
              Mark Marks
              co-host/project manager/artist-in-residence

Originally from Ohio, Mark has always had a strong talent and interest in the arts, construction and design.
Self-taught, he has developed a wonderful style of using recycled and found materials in combination with industrial objects to supply Maravilla with much of it's unique furniture, buildings and artwork.
Margo and Mark became friends while living in Florida. When Margo decided to return to Puerto Rico, Mark joined her in the business of creating a special and singular setting for Maravilla.