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Half-Days - 4 hrs*
Anasco Beach
Salto Curet Waterfall
Gozalandia Waterfall
Artist's Studio
Garden Farms
Full-Days - 8 hrs*
San Juan**
Cabo Rojo
Camuy Caverns
Arecibo Telescope
We offer airport transfers and excursions* for those who prefer not to rent a car.
EXCURSIONS  May Also be Available:

*times are approximate
**DIY breakfasts and lunches, simple dinners
Meals may be upgraded for additional fees
Transfers from and to San Juan (SJU):  We encourage you to consider taking the "publico" for this leg of your adventure....publicos are comfortable 12 seat vans, which will pick you up at the airport or hotel and take you to Mayaguez, where we can get you.  The line is called "Linea Sultana" and numbers are listed on our "transportation" page.  The cost is about $30/pp/ow, the trip is about 3-4 hours.
If you do book a transfer from San Juan, or if you decide to drive, the driving time is 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

Also worth noting - there is a Capeair shuttle flight which runs between SJ and Mayaguez (our closest city).  The cost is around $80/pp/ow and takes about 25 minutes.  We can pick you up from Mayaguez.  The charge is about $40/rt.

Approximate Prices for  Excursions: 
Half Day - $110      Full Day - $180

prices are per car (2-4 people)
and we ask that you tip your driver! 
Airport Transfers - Two-way transport from Aguadilla airport               Transfers to/from San Juan may also be available
Examples of Half-day and Full-day Excursions:
*    estimated time
price for San Juan will be higher
Transfers and Excursions
Transfers from and to Aguadilla airport (BQN):  We can arrange to pick you up from Aguadilla, depending on when your flight arrives.  The cost is about $150/rt for two and takes about one to  one and a half hours each way.
Transfers from SJ will cost in the range of $280.