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family enjoying our beach sundeck at beach penthouse
Airport Transfers and Excursions
*prices may be higher in Dec/Jan
Any package can be All-Inclusive -Tell us what you want!
Meals are available as follows:
DIY is do-it-yourself:  we supply the items*, you prepare and serve yourself.

Breakfasts:  DIY**   Light breakfast:  eg. Fruit, pastry, tempeh

Brunches:    DIY      Enough to satisfy you until dinner - eg. Fruit, tofu Quiche,
                                        Bean soup, Salad, pastries and more.

Dinners:      Simple:  3 courses, delivered to your kitchen.
                      Served:  5 or 6 courses, served in our diningroom or patio, 
*items include grocery staples, eg. Soymilk, nuts, fruits, etc. and Maravilla-made goodies, such as beanburgers, waffles, soups, salads, entrees and desserts, etc.
Prices per couple per meal range approximately from  $25 to $120
**DIY Breakfasts are included in the price of Mountain accommodations
Discounts generally applied to packages including accommodations and meals
All Inclusive